Complaints: Complaints procedures

Despite our commitment to offering a high quality service, there may occasionally be times when customers feels we could have done better. We appreciate you bringing these to our attention, as this allows us to rectify or clarify these situations and continually improve our service.

Sending claims or complaints to Bankinter Luxembourg, S.A.

You may refer a claim or complaint to Bankinter Luxembourg, S.A. using any of the methods below:

  • Handing it directly to the banker or manager.
  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Formal letter sent to the address that appears on the Bank's website: 37, Avenue J. F. Kennedy, L-1855 Luxembourg.
  • Phone number: From Luxembourg: +352 202 101 20; From Spain: 901 810 410.

All complaints must clearly show the claimant's information and include the explanation of the motives for the complaint or claim.

Analysis and resolution of complaints and claims:

The Bank will notify the customer of receipt of a complaint or claim within 10 days, unless an answer is provided within this period.

The Bank will perform a thorough analysis of the complaints or claims received, and will give an answer to the claimant within 1 month from the reception of the complaint of claim. If the Bank does not come to a conclusion regarding the complaint or claim during this period, it will inform the customer with the reasons for the delay in the resolution, giving an estimated resolution time.

In the absence of a response from the Bank or if the customer is dissatisfied with the Bank's decision, they may write to the Bank's administrative body to request a review of the complaint or claim.

Pursuant to the provisions of Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF) Regulation No. 16-07, the customer may file a complaint or claim before the CSSF by presenting an out-of-court complaint within one year of submitting their claim to the Bank.

Claims should be submitted to the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier at the following address:

You must complete the form available at the following link for this:

Download in PDF format

Once completed, send it to us using any of the following:

Legal Department CC 283, route d’Arlon L-1150 Luxembourg, B.P. L-2991 Luxembourg

Tel.: (+352) 26 25 1 -1

Email: [email protected]

Visit the following link for more information: